Learn life changing transformational technologies, be stretched beyond your limits, step into living your life's purpose becoming a master coach and leader.
Dear friend,

Every single experience of your life, every heartbreak, hardship, challenge and success has led you to this very moment.

It is destiny.

I believe that you have been guided to this page because you are ready to share your gifts and contribute to the world on a bigger level.

If ...

- You feel a burning desire in your heart to be of service to humanity and make a meaningful difference in the world.

- You are ready to take all of your life experiences and channel them into healing others as a transformational coach, guide and leader.

- You are committed to your personal growth, and are ready to be stretched beyond your limits to play at your full potential in every area of your life.

- You are ready to step into leadership at the highest level, and create a fulfilling successful thriving coaching business.

- You are looking for a different type of coach training other than the traditional, theoretical, information based courses out there.

Then it's no accident you are reading this right now.

For well over a decade, I have had the opportunity to travel the world and help people transform. You might know of my work, through the Love Now music CD and video that has inspired millions of people worldwide.

Or my renowned Liberation Experience where I take high level visionaries to India on a one-on-one, 24/7, 14 day radical transformational journey.

Or my Boundless Bliss Bali Journeys where I take 20 leaders to Bali, on a life changing seminar training without walls in beautiful Bali.

Or simply my live events and numerous inspirational videos online.

I believe that we are all born for greatness, and each have a unique gift to give the world that can make a difference. Yet it saddens me to see so few living their full potential.

My entire life has been dedicated to personal development, spirituality and transformation. As a result, I have searched for the most powerful methods and modalities to assist people in healing and transforming themselves.

From childhood, I have been assisting people in breaking through limitations and living their true purpose. One of my very first memories, at age 5, was a deep calling to serve humanity. I grew up with a father that many consider a spiritual "Saint" from West Africa. I began speaking in my father's churches at age 8, designated the successor, and ordained at 14. Then by age 17, I mustered up the courage to walk away from a spiritual organization spanning 300 churches, and hundreds of thousands of members, in order to follow my true calling. This led me on an intense quest to seek lessons, answers, as well as the best information, techniques and methodologies in transformation and healing around the world. It has been my life's work and study.

Over the last decade, I have been blessed to travel the world and work with everyone ranging from billionaires, lawyers, supermodels, bestselling authors, celebrities, doctors, entrepreneurs, mothers, top sales people, children, and corporations. I have built my reputation based on turning around some of the most challenging cases, as well as creating radical results with my unique brand of "UNCOACHING." I have helped thousands go to the next level, and create lives beyond their wildest dreams. Many of America's most successful consider me their secret weapon. I have also spoken to audiences in major corporations and conferences, on 4 continents, from 10 to 15,000 people, sharing my message of empowerment.

I became known worldwide as the guy to go to when you absolutely had to transform.

After years of working intensely with thousands of my coaching clients, many began asking me to train them to be coaches, and I just didn't feel the time was right. Now, as I see the world going through so many changes, old systems collapsing, old paradigms shifting, old economic models falling apart, I felt the time was right now.

I see the world going through so many changes, and people are in search of meaning and deeper purpose more than ever before. Never before has there been a time in human history where so many people have been seeking answers to life's biggest questions. And as a result, never before has the need been so great for awakened conscious guides, aka "coaches", to help guide them. People are ready. The opportunity is huge with 2.4 billion people connected to the internet and 6 billion subscribed to mobile phone devices.

Until now we have been living in an age of local and linear. Now we are moving into an age of global and exponential. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, said, "From the beginning of mankind until 2003, we generated 5 exabytes of digital information. In 2010 alone, we generated 5 exabytes of digital information every 2 days. In 2013, we generated 5 exabytes of digital information every 10 minutes!" This is how fast the world is moving fueled by technology.

So as human beings, we must also upgrade our inner resources and expand our consciousness in order to stay on the cutting edge.
You had so much knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to give, but you weren't quite sure where to start in order to be a coach?

What does it really take to build a successful and thriving coaching business and get paid well so that you could make an abundant living?

How does one deeply facilitate clients and create authentic long-lasting results?

You were tired of working in a job just to make a paycheck but felt afraid to take the leap and pursue your dream to be a coach?

I understand since I have been there. When I began my coaching business from nothing 14 years ago, I was penniless, with nothing other than a burning desire in my heart to help people be free. I had no idea what I was doing or even how to begin. So I just took the first step and started by helping one person. The results were incredible. And slowly but surely the word spread like wildfire. People's lives began to transform beyond belief. People began to call me from around the world seeking my help and counsel.

My reputation was built on producing unparalleled results and breakthroughs for my clients.

It's often fear that stops us from trusting our soul's calling, giving our gifts fully, and taking the leap we know that we must.

I made many mistakes along the way. There were so many things I wish I had known in the beginning of my coaching business. I had no one to guide me. I simply had to figure it out on my own, the hard way, as I went along.

You see, it's easy to teach a bunch of skills and techniques. But to be a real coach and facilitator of authentic transformation, it requires more than mere information, understanding and the ability to perform a technique. Learning strategies, tips, and techniques are the easy part.

Real coaching and transformation is not so much about what you DO. Real coaching is more about who you are BEING. Who you are being as you DO what you are doing is where the real magic lies.

Real coaching is not a set of practices you adopt or do, but a BEINGNESS.

The magic is not in what is visible but in the invisible. This is not something that can be taught in a few days, or a book. It is a process that must be lived and embodied deep within you.

In ancient times in order to learn a craft, you would go and study with a master in your chosen field for many years. However, we live in a high tech, quick fix culture today. Now, anyone can read a book over the course of a weekend, attend a seminar, and then declare themselves a coach.

Just because you have a certificate on your wall, doesn't mean you can actually do and embody what the certificate is about. Many people have certificates on their walls but cannot do what the certificate says. Many people have information but not true knowledge. Many even have knowledge but cannot practically apply it in a way that produces real world long lasting results. Some can even apply it, but the results are varied and not consistent.

So after years of requests, I was guided to create a one of a kind, transformational coach facilitator training unlike anything on the planet called the Coach Apprentice Program.

What I have created is not a regular coach training program. So if you are looking for the NORM, this is NOT for you. If you are looking to learn a few coaching strategies, techniques and skills, this is NOT for you. If you are simply looking to only learn some marketing ideas, this is NOT for you.

This program is about mastery in every level of your life.

There is a great difference between being able to perform a task or technique and true mastery.

True mastery requires SURRENDER.

Only a rare few operate in the realm of mastery. Real mastery is beyond formula or technique. Real mastery is creation rather than repetition. This is where true innovation lies.

To truly lead others effectively you must first lead yourself. You can only transform others to the level of your own consciousness. Since it's the level of your consciousness that will impact the space you hold, and the space you hold is determined by how clear you are within yourself.
The Coach Apprentice Program is a unique opportunity to work directly with me in a rigorous 9 month intensive transformational experiential immersion coach facilitator program that is designed to stretch you beyond your limits, evolve your consciousness, teach you the powerful facilitation tools and transformational technology to help others shift on deep levels, as well as assist you in embodying and mastery in leadership in every area of your life.

Trust me, this is not a traditional coach training program. It's another level.

An Apprentice is defined as:

- A person who works with another in order to learn the art, trade, or profession.

During this 9 month Coach Apprentice Program, you will work intensely with me in a unique dynamic learning experience environment designed to help you access your own innate intelligence as a transformational facilitator, coach and leader.

Spanning 9 months, the Coach Apprentice Program consists of 3 in-depth in person modules. The first module is 5 days. The second module is 5 days. The third module is 7 days. Modules 1 and 2 will be held in Los Angeles, CA, and Module 3 will be in a special location, INDIA! The Coach Apprentice Program also includes weekly training videos from me, a monthly conference call Learning Laboratory, intensive homework, coaching practice sessions, a monthly one on one call with me personally, and so much more.

The Coach Apprentice Program is uniquely designed to stretch and expand your consciousness on every level, since you can only transform others to that same degree.

During the Coach Apprentice Program, I will take you through a profoundly powerful transformational journey of self-discovery, self-healing, self-expression, self-realization, and self-mastery.

The Coach Apprentice Program is a powerful group training, and due to the intensive nature of the unique apprentice program, it is only available to a few truly dedicated individuals each year. You will grow together in a loving environment with a group of fellow visionaries from around the world who are completely dedicated to being of service and making a difference in the lives of others.
Imagine living a life where you are sharing your innate gifts of intuition, wisdom, creativity and healing whilst making a living that supports you in being the best you can be.

Imagine feeling a sense of completeness and peace within yourself, knowing that you are aligned with your life's purpose and making a difference doing what you were here to do on this planet.

Imagine having a solid base of coaching clients that seek you out from around the world, and having a waiting list of people to work with you?

At this important time in human history, my commitment is to train leaders. Those courageous individuals who feel the authentic calling in their hearts to be of service in the transformation of others at this time of transition on this planet. My intention is to train enlightened leaders who will go out into the world to raise the consciousness of humanity.

My promise is that the Coach Apprentice Program will save you years of time and energy, and compress your learning curve from decades to days.

It will take your commitment and sincere effort.

I will guide you step by step on the road to success and challenge you to give your gifts at levels that will surpass even what you thought was possible.

You were born at this time in human history for a reason.

You are here to serve.

If you feel ready to say "Yes" to your calling, then I invite you to APPLY for an interview to be a part of THE COACH APPRENTICE PROGRAM.

The journey begins once you commit.

Your destiny awaits you.




P.S. My entire career and coaching has been built entirely on helping people create breakthrough results. If you are even thinking about Coach Apprentice Program. I urge you to to follow your heart and listen to the call. A beyond amazing journey is ahead of you. Once you APPLY you will receive an email with instructions for the next steps.

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